Sunday, March 1, 2015

Sunday Night Update

Snow continues to fall in our northern counties. I have seen totals reported as high as 5" so far in parts of Morris county NJ. In Morristown 3" has fallen so far. I also personally measured 3" in Chatham NJ which is just off of I-78. It has just changed over to sleet there.

Expect a few more inches to potentially fall before it is all said and done later tonight. For areas of RI CT and Mass snow will last longer and we will have to see if there is any enhancement from the ocean.  Tomorrow morning I will do a review of my snow map and see how I did. I will take a few final measurements later tonight before I hit the sack. 

Also, we have a very active week of weather ahead. On Tuesday we have more snow that could accumulate a few inches before changing over to rain. Following that, Thursday is something we really have to watch as a wave of low pressure tries to develop along a front. If we get proper interaction between the southern and northern jet streams this could be a more significant system. I will break down the components tomorrow morning along with my first estimate of what will occur. 

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Sunday Morning Storm Update

Snow will break out for most areas this morning but quickly change over to ice and rain in southern zones. Once you head into central NJ ice becomes a bigger concern as the changeover will not be all to rain. By the time we get to mid afternoon sleet should filter in all the way up to the I-78 corridor and freezing rain a little further south. The money zone for accumulating snow is north of I-78, especially along the I-80 corridor to the north. That is where my 4-8 inch band is. I see no reason to change my snowfall map from yesterday morning.

The video below gives a quick overview of all these details. I will be doing frequent updates through the day and night for anyone who wants to track the storm. 

P.S. We have a potentially very active week ahead with winter weather stay tuned!!!

Update around 10am

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Saturday Night Video Update on Storm

I break down tomorrow's storm in the video below. I am expecting a good thumping of snow for certain areas. I explain the reason why in the video. If this storm outperforms it will be because it is colder not warmer than modeled in my opinion, so anyone from central NJ on up be on the lookout! Enjoy!

Next update tomorrow morning right before the storm starts. My snow map from this morning is in previous post.  Also we have a lot of action in store for us this week. If you followed my posts from last week you know what I am talking about.  I will go into more detail tomorrow. 

Snowfall Forecast for Tomorrow

Good morning everyone. I have broken down and analyzed the data and below is my final snowfall prediction for tomorrow afternoon into tomorrow night. Expect snow to breakout earlier tomorrow afternoon in most areas and continue into early morning Monday. This storm is the result of a warm moist air from the southwest running into cold air in place over our area. In addition, this storm will be enhanced by another upper level disturbance that is approaching from Canada. Due to this dynamic, I am expecting heavy snow to breakout at times in the purple region which is why the totals are higher there. Also, I favor a colder solution for those areas which is why I brought the 4-8 into North NJ. Just south of the 4-8 expect snow changing to sleet as we get to Sunday night which will hold down accumulations. South of the blue band I expect snow to change to rain. 

When all is said and done, this should be a nice moderate snowstorm for southern New England and parts of NJ. I will definitely have a video breakdown of the storm tonight around 6 pm. Be sure to tune in. 

By City/Town:

NYC 2-4" Right on boarder of heavy snow so can go either way
Boston 4-8"
Philadelphia: 1-3"
Balt/Washington: Trace
Morristown NJ: 4-8"
Whitehouse Station NJ Area: 4"
Edison NJ: 2-4"

Map Out around 1030am!