Saturday, October 25, 2014

Special Saturday Video: Halloween Weekend Looks Frightening

Buckle up, video below breaks down how I think the weather will evolve heading into Halloween..

Bottom Line:

  • Beautiful week ahead with warm temps
  • The weather then takes a drastic turn Friday as a potential Nor'easter develops
    • Snow is possible in interior New England
  • In it's wake the coldest air of the season moves in, but is short lived and we go back to warm a few days later

A lot more to come on this evolving weather situation. Keep checking in. 

Very Pumped About the Weather Pattern Right Now..Stay Tuned

A lot to talk about..stay tuned

Friday, October 24, 2014

Friday Morning: Big Chill Halloween Weekend?

Video below takes a look at the weather heading into Halloween weekend. Support is building for a big cool down along with a potential storm system. 

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Tuesday Morning: A Look at How the Stratosphere Effects Our Weather

Good morning. The video below discusses the recent warming in the stratosphere and its possible impact on our mid November weather pattern. Bottom line: I think there is the potential for big changes after the 1st or 2nd week in November.

 In term of the storm developing today everything is on track and in line with my ideas in previous posts. I will have updates on that this week as well.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Monday Morning Weather Discussion: Nor'easter to Effect the Area this Week

Good morning. we have an active weather of week ahead! If some of you recall I spoke about a possible storm developing after the 20th back in my weather discussion on Oct. 7th This mainly was due to the big typhoon we saw re curve off the coast of Japan at that time. A storm will end up effecting our area this week and will bring with it a prolonged period of unstable weather (Tuesday-Friday). Let's take a look at the components behind this Nor'easter.

An upper level disturbance is now on is way down from Canada..

This disturbance will ride the jet stream down towards the coast and develop a storm system that will become trapped underneath an area of high pressure to the north. The image below shows how this ends up occurring..

Looking at the red arrows above, you can see the jet stream moves over the top of the low pressure system.  This traps the low an area of high pressure now is blocking the low from escaping out to sea. The image below shows this..

What you are seeing above is high pressure in red, low pressure in blue. The high pressure takes on a shape of a banana and thus is called a banana high. In the winter this can cause some of our most significant storms as it blocks storms from escaping resulting in a prolonged period of precipitation. 

You can see the storm starting to wind up on Wednesday below..

We will see our first effects as showers develop by Tuesday night and linger around until Thursday night! When it is all said and done here are total rainfall amounts..

This will not so much be a steady rain as it will be waves of showers rotating through the area. In any regard, pretty impressive storm system. If only this was snow! Who knows maybe we will see this set up repeat in a few months during the cold season.

Thanks for checking in. More in the days to come.